• 1 "Niubu" Yabeng stood barefoot on a wooden block and start▓ed to meditate and sing incantations, seeming
  • 2 ly entering another spiritual world. 銆€銆€She looked at a pile of wooden
  • 3 poles hung with white prayer flags on the mountainside of the tree-covered Jiangga Mount
  • 4 ain, which was said to be frequented by mountain ghosts. 銆€銆€"Niubu" refers to th▓e m

ba Township, we happen


iage, house building, hunting, cultivation and harvest. 銆€銆€In the previous autumn, I had watched a song and dance performance in▓ Lhasa. One of the performances named Old Theme ▓left a deep impression on me. Yayi, choreograp▓her and protagonist of the

dance, said that the c▓reation was inspired by the exorcism▓ acts performed by her mother Yabeng. 銆€銆€Yabeng kep▓t casting spells throughout the divination ceremony. Inserted into the soil were two bambo

ed to observe the


o sticks, placed on which were six bamboo labels standing for the six ghosts on t▓he nearby mountains. The sick woman asking for pr▓ophecy also cleaned her face and hands, sitting beside ▓Yabeng. 銆€銆€Having taken a chicken killed by the wo

man, Y▓abeng dropped the chicken's blood onto the six bamboo lab▓els, and cast spells on each. Then she deftly dissected the chicken and took out its liver to obser▓ve the grain on it.  Rainstorms since e▓arly this we

  • divination ceremony practiced by ▓"Niubu" Yabeng. 銆€銆€The Lhoba ethni
  • c minority lived on the southeastern side ▓of the Himalaya mounta
  • ins. Before 1959, the Lh▓oba people were still
  • in a slave society, with slash-and-burn cultivation as their major m

ode o▓f product


ion. Since they had their

ek have swept through a wide swathe of south▓ern China, leaving dozens of people dead or mi▓ssing and forcing hundreds of


own language but no ch

thousands to evacuate. In Jiangxi Province, two people have been killed, three more are missing and more than 100,000 ▓ha


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